1. My newest art print, “My first car…”

    18” x 24” - 8 colors/screens. Limited edition of 40.

  2. One of the people who bought my “Remember When” art print recently, sent me pics of it all triple matted, framed up and ready to hang in his son’s bedroom. This pic, made my day.

  3. This was waiting for me at 5am this morning.

  4. My latest hand screen printed art print.  ”Remember When”.  Here’s the story behind this art print. I have 3 young children. In our home, we try to encourage and foster our children’s creativity and imaginations whenever possible.  This print is a nod to a simpler time.  A time when kids were kids and they weren’t inundated by technology and hand-held gadgets at every turn.  A time when simply running, playing and pretending was king.  Feel free to swing by my shop and order a copy.  It’s a limited edition of of 50 pieces.

  5. Garage printing - first color down.

  6. What I did today…

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  7. Simply incredible Aaron Horkey 15 color Mondo / Alamo Drafthouse Jurassic Park movie poster. Found on OMG.

  8. Studly Steve Walters.  A Chicago homie.  He printed my first concert poster for me, sometime in the early-mid 90’s.  Congrats on the first 20, bro!

  9. Some progress on a screen printed art print I’ve been designing.

  10. Ok, found what I was looking for, so back to work for me.  I’ll leave you with one last image for today.  A poster I did for Brian Setzer and his Orchestra for a gig in Phoenix back in ‘98.  I did a handful of posters for him over the years.  Always had fun when we got a chance to hang after the shows and talk art and cars.  He’s good people.

  11. Screen printed Rev. Horton Heat poster I did back in 1997.  Devil girl in a martini glass.  She’s soo naw-tee!