1. As you go see the Avengers movie in theaters this weekend, just keep this man and all subsequent artists and creators who’ve worked on these characters, in mind. As they’re the ones who’s hard work and sacrifice made such a film possible for you to enjoy.

  2. Here’s a snippet from that illustration I was inking that I posted on instagram a few weeks ago. It’s all colored and sepped and ready to screen print. It’s an upcoming tribute print inspired by Jack Kirby and Monster Magnet. I’m going to be screen printing it as my schedule permits. What’s a better combination than Jack Kirby and Monster Magnet….? Nothing.

  3. heyoscarwilde:

    Jack Kirby would have celebrated his 94th birthday this weekend.

    photo of Jack circa 1950 scanned from The Art of Jack Kirby :: The Blue Rose Press :: 1992 

    (via fuckyeahkirby)