1. A while back, my daughter and I made some plush “felties”.  Here’s my “Ghost Rider” feltie.  Since I was working on Ghost Rider at the time, I felt inspired.  I still need to add some chains, but you get the basic idea.  All hand-sewn and glued together.  Yes, I CAN sew. We had gotten a book from the library and she and I both decided to freestyle some after seeing the examples in the book.  She made a sweet Frankenstein one. Dig around in my Instagram feed if you’d like to see her’s.

  2. A totally AWESOME Ghost Rider / Star Wars Speeder Bike mashup, by Andy MacDonald.

  3. Somebody likes what we do.  Venom #13.1.  First review out of the gate.

    Nerdlocker - (by nerdlocker)

  4. You know the drill.  Go out and snag some copies.  Man, i’m gonna miss working on Ghost Rider….

  5. FedEx brought me some Ghost Rider comps from Marvel today.

  6. What I’m working on right NOW….

  7. What I’m working om right now…

  8. What I’m working on right now….

  9. Ghost Rider #7 out next week.  Had a blast working over Lee Garbett’s pencils.  Here’s an online preview.  Be a mensch and go snag a copy or two……. or 10.

    Ghost Rider #7 preview

  10. Ghost Rider #6 came out today.  These are my favorite 2 panels that I worked on in that issue. Hit your local comic shop and grab an issue. Thanks.

  11. Some of my work coming out this week.  First up, a Jonah Hex trade:  Written by JUSTIN GRAY and JIMMY PALMIOTTI; Art by JORDI BERNET, EDUARDO RISSO, NELSON and FIONA STAPLES; Cover by JORDI BERNET.

    Jonah Hex has a wife? Find out in these tales from issues #61-67, including a tale illustrated by Eisner Award winner Eduardo Risso (100 BULLETS). 160pgs.  Softcover.  $17.99 US.  On Sale November 30, 2011

    Secondly, issue #6 of Ghost Rider.  Go snag some copies.  Thanks!

  12. Since my dashboard is blowing up today with “likes” and “reblogs” of Ghost Rider and Lee Garbett’s awesome pencils… I thought you might like a sneak peek at a panel I just finished in the next issue of Ghost Rider that I’m working on with him.  Creeeeeepy….  


  13. Ghost Rider #5 out today. Drop a few shekels, pick one up and help support some fine artists, including myself.  Thank you in advance.