1. Panel from a page I worked on. Pencils/inks by Dan Panosian, digital painting/colors by me.

  2. Ghost Rider #6 came out today.  These are my favorite 2 panels that I worked on in that issue. Hit your local comic shop and grab an issue. Thanks.

  3. It’s Friday!, Time for “Looking Under the Line Art”! This week, some panels from Dead X-men. Pencils by Doug Braithwaite.  Please re-post and RT!  Thanks!

  4. It’s time for “Looking Under the Line Art”! This week, a panel from an upcoming issue of GHOST RIDER!  The script called for a “biblical looking storm”.  So, I referenced a buncha ominous cloud pics I found on the web, and went to work.  A few years ago while at Crossgen, I created a very versatile cloud brush. It came in handy yet again, for the under-painting on these clouds.  Technically, we aren’t looking “under” the line art this week, but ya still get the idea.  Hope you enjoy it!