1. Panel from a page I worked on. Pencils/inks by Dan Panosian, digital painting/colors by me.

  2. comicbookcovers:

    Captain America #30, October 2004, cover by Dave Johnson

    Hey, hey!  I colored this issue!

  3. Ghost Rider #6 came out today.  These are my favorite 2 panels that I worked on in that issue. Hit your local comic shop and grab an issue. Thanks.

  4. Comic book pre-press history lesson time! Who remembers what a Color key is…?  A Color key is an overlay proof created from the film separations that places each ink color on a separate clear acetate sheet then assembles them together over white paper.  Color Key overlay proofs to check registration, trapping, and color breaks, identify density problems.  They don’t really use color keys in the prod. of comic books anymore.  Everything is proofed digitally.  Here’s how it worked:  A colorist would color the cover, then send the files to a pre-press house to have color keys and film made.  The pre-press guys would then manually “strip” together each film, using a loupe to ensure accuracy. Then, the color key would get sent to whichever editor was handling the book at Marvel / DC.  They would make notes, corrections, etc., on the color keys, and send them back to us to fix.  The whole process took about 2-4 days.  Nowadays, all that happens in minutes with e-mail and jpgs.  I came across an old color key for a Spirits of Vengeance cover that I colored back in May of 1993.  Over time, some of the ink has started sticking to the other sheets of acetate, but you get the basic idea.

  5. It’s time for “Looking Under the Line Art”! This week, a panel from an upcoming issue of GHOST RIDER!  The script called for a “biblical looking storm”.  So, I referenced a buncha ominous cloud pics I found on the web, and went to work.  A few years ago while at Crossgen, I created a very versatile cloud brush. It came in handy yet again, for the under-painting on these clouds.  Technically, we aren’t looking “under” the line art this week, but ya still get the idea.  Hope you enjoy it!

  6. It’s Friday. That means it’s time for “Looking Under the Line Art”!  Since issue #0.1 of the new Ghost Rider series I’m working on came out this week, we’re going to take a look at some art from an upcoming issue.  It’s written by Rob Williams, with awesome pencils by Matthew Clark ( @EmCeeArtist ), and killer inks by Sean Parsons.  Enjoy!

  7. Part of a lil something I was digi-painting today…


  8. and speaking of Jonah Hex…

    … I came across this great Tumblr blog today dedicated to nothin’ but Hex goodness. A bunch of my work is on there. There’s also a TON of images by that uber-art stud Darwyn Cooke.  Made me kinda nostalgic.  Check it out:  sconeysjonahhex.tumblr.com

  9. what I’m working on right now….

  10. It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for “Looking Under the Line Art”!  This week’s panel is from the new GHOST RIDER series, set to launch next month from Marvel.  Art by Matt Clark, colors by me.  I’m loving working on this book soo far.  Ghost Rider was my favorite comic book character when i was a kid, so this is extra special for me.

  11. Detail shot of the aforementioned Crossgen piece.  Circa 2002-ish…?  This is where I really went nuts and started going overboard with my “splattery” and scratchy brush thing.  Thank goodness i’ve backed off with that nonsense since then.  Looking at this piece now, if I had to color this all over again, i would do things much, much differently….

  12. Went through some my Crossgen art archives today.  Here’s a piece that never really got used.

  13. I found another Samurai / Luke Ross page on my external drives.  At one time on my blog, both of those Samurai pages were the most frequently viewed and downloaded images on my site.  I wish I had more Samurai stuff, but I had a hard-drive crash and lost all the issues I had worked on.  Shame, because working on this book with Luke and Ron Marz was awesome and I thought it was some of my best work.

  14. Going through my digital morgues…  Found an old Samurai / Luke Ross page I colored.

  15. Heya kids, it’s time for another installment of:  Looking Under the Line Art. Enjoy!