1. This article NAILS it. Think that a life of an artist working in the comic book industry is all glamour…? Read on….

  2. Panel from a page I worked on. Pencils/inks by Dan Panosian, digital painting/colors by me.

  3. As you go see the Avengers movie in theaters this weekend, just keep this man and all subsequent artists and creators who’ve worked on these characters, in mind. As they’re the ones who’s hard work and sacrifice made such a film possible for you to enjoy.

  4. The first issue of the new comic I’m working on for DC Comics comes out today. It’s called G.I. Combat. Go out and buy some copies.

  5. comicbookcovers:

    Captain America #30, October 2004, cover by Dave Johnson

    Hey, hey!  I colored this issue!

  6. A while back, my daughter and I made some plush “felties”.  Here’s my “Ghost Rider” feltie.  Since I was working on Ghost Rider at the time, I felt inspired.  I still need to add some chains, but you get the basic idea.  All hand-sewn and glued together.  Yes, I CAN sew. We had gotten a book from the library and she and I both decided to freestyle some after seeing the examples in the book.  She made a sweet Frankenstein one. Dig around in my Instagram feed if you’d like to see her’s.

  7. the Amazing Spider-man issue that I worked on with the ever-awesome Matt Clark comes out next week.  Make sure you grab a few copies and spread the love.  Thanks in advance! Click through for a sneaky-peekie:

  8. Showing Magnet some love.

  9. Somebody likes what we do.  Venom #13.1.  First review out of the gate.

    Nerdlocker - (by nerdlocker)

  10. You know the drill.  Go out and snag some copies.  Man, i’m gonna miss working on Ghost Rider….

  11. FedEx brought me some Ghost Rider comps from Marvel today.

  12. What I’m working on right NOW….

  13. What I’m working on right now….