1. Some of my work coming out this week.  First up, a Jonah Hex trade:  Written by JUSTIN GRAY and JIMMY PALMIOTTI; Art by JORDI BERNET, EDUARDO RISSO, NELSON and FIONA STAPLES; Cover by JORDI BERNET.

    Jonah Hex has a wife? Find out in these tales from issues #61-67, including a tale illustrated by Eisner Award winner Eduardo Risso (100 BULLETS). 160pgs.  Softcover.  $17.99 US.  On Sale November 30, 2011

    Secondly, issue #6 of Ghost Rider.  Go snag some copies.  Thanks!

  2. The D.C. comp wagon just pulled up to my front door. Insanely gorgeous Jordi Bernet pages in this trade, my colors notwithstanding.

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  3. and speaking of Jonah Hex…

    … I came across this great Tumblr blog today dedicated to nothin’ but Hex goodness. A bunch of my work is on there. There’s also a TON of images by that uber-art stud Darwyn Cooke.  Made me kinda nostalgic.  Check it out:  sconeysjonahhex.tumblr.com

  4. what I’m working on right now….

  5. More Jordi Bernet goodness.  Splattery colors by me.

  6. There’s nothing quite like working over Jordi.  This came out today.  Go buy it.

  7. What I’m working on at this very moment.

  8. dcu:

    Follow Jonah Hex, expertly drawn by Eduardo Risso, to THIS PREVIEW

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  9. presenting…. My Favorite Panel™

    So, i think I’m going to start something on here that I’m going to call “My Favorite Panel”.  Not sure how often I’ll do this.  Depends on if I get any response about it or not.  What this shall consist of, is simply enough, my favorite panel or snippets from comic books that I have worked on.  Now, that doesn’t mean it will be the most dramatic, or visually engaging to YOU, the viewer.  But in turn what “I” happen to like best about it.  Stuff that’s memorable to ME. I’ll try to give background on the art, what was going through my mind as I worked on it, and possibly even musical play lists.  See, i have this thing, I can usually look at a comic I’ve worked on and remember exactly what I was listening to or watching on TV or what I was going through in my life at the particular time I was working on that page.  Even years later.  Might not be that interesting to you, but hey, it is to me, and this is my blog, so…  Anyway, sit back and enjoy.

    Jonah Hex #64-22

    OK, this first one, as I said might not be that visually stimulating to you, but to me, it’s kinda special.  It’s the final panel in Jonah Hex #64.  (If you haven’t read it yet, sorry.  Um…  “spoiler alert?!?!”  heh)  When i was working on this book, the pages came to me in sections, as the artist, Nelson DeCastro was finishing them.  For whatever reason, I  never got page #22.  The script I was working for had been revised and things moved around, so i kinda couldn’t make heads or tails of it.  Plus, with DC’s new “we’re going from 22 to 20 pages to save you $” policy, I just figured page #21 was the last page.  (Something I had gone through on my recent run on Freedom Fighters ) Page 21 had a dramatic last panel, so I figured that was it.  Well, an hour before the book is supposed to be at the printer’s, the error of “no page #22” is discovered.  For whatever reason, nobody noticed until now.  So, of course, i’m freaking out, thinking I lost the digital file somewhere or my flatter lost it, etc…  Well, long story short, they send me the page.  Usually I have a flatter do my “flats” for me, or fill in sections of flat color, so I can work faster on the rendering end of things.  It’s not essential to comic book coloring, but it helps.  Especially in my selection process of what I want to work on, on the page.  And especially if I have to go back in and do any corrections.  So, I get this page and I have less than an hour to flip it.  I know a lot of colorists who wouldn’t sweat at the thought of that.  But even after 22 years in this business, I still freak when stuff like that happens.  I’m VERY anal retentive and am constantly second guessing myself when it comes to my color choices.  So, i get this page and I have to jam.  I switch from the Beauty-n-da-Beast podcast I’ve been listening to, and I crank some Monster Magnet and start coloring.  Now, when you work with no flats, you have to work cleaner and more precise when you lasso stuff, because you can’t just go into the flats channel and click on stuff and select or deselect it.  ** I know some of you don’t know Photoshop and don’t understand what I’m babbling about, and I apologize.  There’s tons of “how to color comics” tutorials out on the web and you can read one of those if you’re really interested in understanding what I’m rambling on about.**  So, i’m laying down stuff like crazy on this page, trying to nail the colors the first time out, because I really don’t have the time to go back in and color correct stuff.  Amazingly, all the stuff I’m throwing down is working, right away.  It happens every so often.  Sometimes a page or panel, just clicks.  When I get a page and work from flats, i usually go around and select all the stuff on the page and set my colors, mood and tone first, and then go in and render out things.  I had no time to do that with this page.  Everything was a race to beat the clock.

    Well, thankfully I hit the deadline an hour later and our continuous record of never having a shipped a Jonah Hex issue was still in tact.  Thanks for reading!

  10. Sometimes, when I’m working on a page, I like to click off on the line art layer and take a moment to look to see what kind of color madness is going on underneath.  What’s seen, can be just as interesting (at least to IMHO) as the original line art. It shows you what we, as comic book colorists, can bring to the table. I might post more of these sorts of images, if people dig seeing them.  Let me know.

    This image, from a Jonah Hex issue, drawn by the master, Jordi Bernet and humbly colored by myself.  Enjoy.

  11. Probably my favorite page from the Risso issue of Jonah Hex I colored.  Too bad the printing ended up turning the issue into crap.