1. Showing Magnet some love.


  3. Got a HUGE care package today from Tim Cronin and the Monster Magnet gang.  Amongst the plethora of goodies in there, were some copies of the DOPES 10”,  for which I did the illustration and packaging design.  This totally made my sleep deprived week!

  4. Pic of my Monster Magnet DOPES tour shirt design.

  5. Woke up with this song in my head. Seems as good a way as any to start my day, so why fight it…?

  6. A closer view of the Monster Magnet Dopes art.

  7. Some new art of mine for an upcoming Monster Magnet vinyl release. Info here.

  8. Snippet of one of the many projects I worked on today. SPACE LORD!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Monster Magnet Drinking Game

    1) Buy lots of beer and hard liquor

    2) Play a random selection of MM jams

    3) Take a drink of your beer anytime Dave says “Baby”

    4) Do a shot of liquor every time he sings/screams “Wow” or “Yeah”

    5) Whomever dies of alcohol poisoning first, loses….


  11. Monster Magnet is evil…